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ZooShanghai Zoo is located at 2381 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai, close to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. Founded in 1954, formerly known west of the park. Shanghai Zoo belong to large national zoo covers an area of 743,000 square meters, more than 400 species of breeding animals on display, feeding animals on display has 47,237 square meters of building area. Is one of the top ten zoos nationwide, China 's second largest city zoo.

There are rare animals in the Shanghai Zoo nearly 600 species, more than 6,000, of which there are our precious animals elk, giant panda, golden monkey, white-lipped deer, Siberian tiger, alligator, as well as from around the world giraffes, kangaroos, penguins, hippos, lions, ostrich, America lions, African lions and so on. Shanghai 's rich resources of birds, 40 species of resident birds year round in Shanghai to stay in summer and autumn there are more than 150 species of migratory birds stay in Shanghai, which has a beautiful oriole, blue -winged Pitta, Sambo birds, larks, thrushes, starlings and people familiar with the swans, rhododendrons, duck and so on. In addition, the Shanghai Zoo in China zoo 's first Science Education Center. Taming the park regularly hosts performances.

Shanghai Zoo exhibited a large number of rare animals in addition to outside, in order to create and animals adapted to the ecological environment also planted a large plant. Shanghai Zoo total green area of 498,200 square meters, with 100,000 square meters of open lawn, garden planting 10 million trees over 600 kinds. There are large areas of the park Swan Lake, sparkling blue beautify the natural environment of the surrounding area.

To make the park more in line with the natural landscape and harmonious ecological zoo, there is a qualitative quantity carried parks, green building, green design concepts to achieve advanced pursuit of modern, open, natural, friendly design philosophy, scientific and rational layout, functions and distinctive features. Adhere to constantly create new visual experience for visitors to meet people novelty, novelty desire to achieve the greatest degree of coordination between green landscape and animal exhibition and external environment, the formation of refined, unique, wild natural ecological zoo characteristic landscape.

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