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Home >> Zhujiajiao Ancient Town travel guide

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

Zhujiajiao Ancient TownBin gray Jiufeng Mountains, the vast Dianshanhu, a block of 47 square kilometers to the town of fan -shaped, inlaid into the lake. Some people likened her Shanghai Venice, someone likened her jewel Dianshan Lake, and now this shining pearl in the golden jade - under 318 State Road relying emit more dazzling brilliance. This is the famous ancient town of Zhujiajiao, Shanghai Municipal Government in 1991 was named as one of the first of the four cultural town.

Zhujiajiao town of stunning natural scenery, in a mountain lake. True mountain water showing characteristics of the Yangtze River Delta, the mountain named lake hills, not high, a great reputation for western Zhejiang Tianmu Mountains, the mountain is the beginning, such as mountain climbing Lakeview, the Dianfeng night photos can enjoy a King. Lake, namely natural freshwater Dianshanhu, an area of 62 square kilometers, mostly in Eastern Lake Zhujiajiao border area, there is a large area of 11 West Lake in Hangzhou, take the boat tour of the lake, the vast Shuitianyise, lake reeds jiggle, startled ducks waterfowl, feel secluded, relaxed and happy. Zhujiajiao town more attractive, more distinctive cultural landscape town, is a bridge, a street, a temple, a temple, a hall, a hall, two parks, three bay, twenty-six get. If nine hundred years Zhouzhuang Town compact, like jasper, and Zhujiajiao is a magnificent, ladylike style. First Zhujiajiao area of 1.5 square kilometers, more than three times the area of Zhouzhuang, a large family, the natural place to play, the more, the river will Zhujiajiao canal harbor in half, North Shore Jingting Harbor, North Street, South Bank, the two sides across the meandering alley, street granite stone, brick Daiwa Ming and Qing architectural and many historical sites.

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