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Home >> Xinchang Ancient Town travel guide and tour

Xinchang Ancient Town

Xinchang Ancient TownNew farm town built in the year 1128, has 800 years of history. The new field 700 years ago is a bustling town. Vicissitudes, new market town is the preservation of 150,000 square meters into a piece of ancient architecture, outstanding historical buildings of 98 filing licensing legislation, which as a district-level cultural relics protection units 8, immovable registration listed building 29, history building 61. 1500 m Yuan, Ming and Qing era stone revetment, as well as 69 ancient instruments such as the formation of a new farm gate unique historical character. 2008 was named the fourth Chinese historical and cultural town. Three national intangible cultural heritage: (a) send Pudong pipa (2) percussion book (3) genre.

Chinese and Western architectural elements. Thirteen ring archway nine dragons, little new field season in Suzhou. The new town has a thousand years of history, still retains a relatively complete water town pattern. 3 miles long Ming and Qing Street, through the town's rivers and lakes rivers, carved stone arch bridge, saddle water bridge along the river people, and 200,000 square meters Bangshui buildings built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, after St. River - crossing garden fine house, together constitute a unique Jiangnan map. Ancient architecture new market town of morphological diversity, both Xiaojiabiyu style traditional houses, there are deep courtyard style mansion, both traditional classical architecture, but also Chinese and Western modern architecture, of which the most representative Zhang House was built Xuantong years, for four into style courtyard, its hanging corner cornices, carved beams, extremely refined and elegant, lauan stained glass windows, plaster roof, floor laying more elegant, with a mosaic was imported, excellent material, abnormal gorgeous, unique.

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