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Wildlife Park

Wildlife ParkShanghai Wild Animal Park is a collaboration by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese State Forestry Administration building China 's first national wildlife park, located at 178 Highway 6 South Pudong, Nanhui District, Shanghai, covering 153 hectares (2,300 acres) from the city center about 35 km. The park invested 300 million yuan, on November 18, 1995 the official opening, is China's first AAAA -class tourist attractions. May 8, 2007 in Shanghai Wild Animal Park was formally approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 5A -class tourist attractions. Park brings together the world of animals and a representative of more than 200 species of rare animals, the number of the square, which also includes a giraffe, zebra, antelope, white rhino from abroad, as well as a protected species in China panda, golden monkey, Golden takin so on. The park is divided into the car and walk to visit the two areas.

Shanghai Wild Animal Park is the largest national wildlife park, covering 153 hectares, 35 kilometers away from the city. Park brings together a worldwide representative of more than 200 species of rare animals more than 10,000 head (only), which has come from foreign giraffe, zebra, antelope, rhino, they are also our country's protected species : giant panda, golden monkey, tiger, Asian elephant, crested ibis. Garden visitors into the car and walk two hours to visit the area. The park is divided into herbivores stocking areas, predator stocking area, Flamingo area, backyard fauna, waterfowl and rare animals in captivity Lake District, Bird Park, Butterfly Garden and children's petting zoo, animal shows, etc. and has many specialty programs, to show you a smart and talented animals, allowing you to experience the animal world to bring you pleasure.

When tourists garden, two of the car and walk into the visiting area. In the car into the area, you can see the giraffe has a gentlemanly, stretch its neck, looking forward to the arrival of visitors; You can watch the largest land mammals - elephants, gentle tribute to tourists; You can also Golden takin see one of the three treasures, bringing together your side...... here also live in the world 's fastest running animal - the cheetah, can reach speeds over 110 km; African lion king of beasts, when prey showing its general demeanor; has clumsy, flexible and cunning animal three heroes - bears, monkeys, foxes, each offering skills, competing to passing vehicles begging for food; mighty tiger, watching passing vehicles, to show its king. demeanor in the pedestrian area where you can watch the white lion, white tiger, white kangaroos, pandas, alligators and other rare animals in the world; llamas, camels, zebra, elephant and other animals with your photo, so you surprised to experience a rare opportunity. To a small animal park, hug small animals, feed the pet monkey, back when a breeder personally witnessed the animal world procreation lovely wonderful. Many animal shows : You can watch the large square man and beast performing arts, brilliant; major tamer performances, the thrills; sea lion sea lion show more performances shop brings many associations with surprise.

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