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Home >> Urban Vegetable Garden travel guide and tours

Urban Vegetable Garden

Urban Vegetable GardenShanghai urban vegetable garden is the first theme park. Visit the main area of 400 acres, with farming Expo, Burson farm, fragrant vegetable garden, vegetable garden odd melon different seasons orchard five main venues, where you can watch the novelty excellent, bright colors and more than 200 kinds of vegetables experience to planting, harvesting, picking, cooking, tasting vegetables fun, learned farming history, culture, food culture, modern agriculture cultivation techniques, cropping patterns, agro-processing and other related knowledge, vegetables and whole new look to bring you a new feelings, let you relax and return to nature, enjoy healthy and happy. Located west of the Park's entertainment district, with eco-maze, aquatic vegetables, grassland football, beach volleyball, kite flying and other attractions.

Shanghai Urban Vegetable Garden relying poetic pastoral beauty, rich cultural landscape, with vegetables for the soul, green, natural, healthy for the foundation, with the help of modern vegetable cultivation techniques, the use of pictorial art techniques, into bridges, water, pavilions The charm of southern gardens, showing the natural beauty of the southern vegetable farming culture and unique, is a veritable vegetable Expo. Vegetables is the first theme park. Park can watch the new Premium 200 kinds of vegetables, to experience planting, harvesting, cooking, tasting vegetables fun.

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