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Suzhou River

Suzhou RiverSuzhou Creek Suzhou Creek is known to enter the Shanghai section. In any formal document, the name still called Suzhou Creek Suzhou Creek. According to the Shanghai Archives researcher Changlin Ma introduced, the Suzhou Taihu River belong River, before the opening of Shanghai, Suzhou River has Jiaowu Songjiang, just after the opening of Shanghai, since foreigners can find a boat from the river to Suzhou, so call Suzhou River. But the Chinese official information has been called the river of Wusong River, so the Wusong River this name has not changed. But for the sector, according to habit called Wusong River upstream, north of the new Jing Wusong River, the local people is so called, and the east Beixinjing for Wusong River downstream into the Shanghai area, known as the Suzhou River in Shanghai.

Suzhou River, initially called Suzhou River. According to the Warring States Period Book records, Suzhou River was called Songjiang. Han in mind Cao Cao intends to Wu Song Jiang perch to entertain the guests, because at that time located in Songjiang Wu, it is also referred to as Wu Songjiang perch. Mid-Tang Dynasty, Du Fu poem clipping half Wusong River, the first Wu Song Jiang, the name first appears. Shanghai opened after the British nationals in Wu Song Jiang river boat on the reverse, up Suzhou, so called Suzhou River. 1848, Shanghai Road with the British consul in the expansion of the British concession agreement signed when the first official to Wu Song Jiang writing Suzhou River.

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