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Sheshan Mountain

Sheshan MountainSheshan is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China, of the East with the West Sheshan Sheshan, respectively, 98 meters above sea level and 97 meters, is a large back garden of Shanghai, Shanghai famous scenic suburb, now has Sheshan National Forest Park, the mountains are famous Catholic pilgrimage - Cathedral of Our Lady of Sheshan, and Sau Tao towers, seismic benchmark Sheshan station, the lake and the Sheshan Sheshan Observatory.

Sheshan has always been culturally rich history, culture and a long history of religious fame famous historical site. Xiangquan Buddha garden, wash the heart springs, cold springs and Cliff, cross the Mekong fishing Angeles matched Hui ; riding a dragon weir, Chung platforms, Muyu stone tower and through those channels, Pegasus Leaning side by side. Cathedral Hill Far East and China leading the first observatory integration ; mountain forest Aviary, aerial tramway, dry land sled set in one place. Climb mountains, Jiufeng three Mao, Mountain exquisite, historical site connected, such as into picture ; room walk through the forest, pink and leaves, always pretty, delicate and charming King King, is worth the clouds.

Return to nature, bamboo for the King, as the camp of bamboo to bamboo for the win is a major feature of the park, creating a park peace and quiet. Repair and new attractions, amusement attractions in more than 30 right embellishment in the north and south peaks. Here its spring Huaxiangniaoyu, there are more than 50 species of birds in the forest Bainiao ten thousand birds settled in the garden. East Sheshan Park of Shanghai has become a youth science education base.

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