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Home >> Jiangnan Sanmin Culture Village tourist guide

Jiangnan Sanmin Culture Village

Jiangnan Sanmin Culture VillageJiangnan Sanmin Culture Village covers an area of one hundred acres, traditional folk, folk, ethnic and cultural elements of the southern region as the theme, clothing, food, housing, transportation, arts, play, provided for the classification of non-material cultural heritage excavation, presentation and an important base for inheritance. Jiangnan representative fifty-six kinds of items Exhibition Hall, and combine intellectual, cultural, historical, fun, entertainment as a whole, these are Grandpa used things, father know something, children and grandchildren do not understand thing.

Culture Village is located eight functional areas, Sanmin cultural exhibition theme, rich exhibits, dazzling. Museum of Fine Arts, homespun Museum, Crafts Museum, Museum of rural wind farming privileged rich, unique flavor. Performing arts district opera pole, genre old-fashioned concise, lingering filled. Paper cutting, pottery interactive area to make your ingenuity. Gossip Square,, colorful theme activities. Fishing area, picking area Wild phenomena fruits. Leisure and residential area, guests and friends full house, tea rhyme flow. Traditional flavors of southern cuisine area, even more your mouth full of teeth.

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