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Home >> Riverside Forest Park sightseeing guide

Riverside Forest Park

Riverside Forest ParkAlso has a treasure in the forest park, this Wetland Ecological viewing area is located in the west side of the park, about 200 acres. Walking in the water scattered stone trail, in a piece of fir, sweet gum, magnolia leaves, Chinese tallow tree, maple and other local native trees staggered, along the undulating terrain, through several streams from the forest, bringing together the low, forming a shallow lake of 60 acres. Lake iris, Shuicong other plants vitality, from time to time over the water birds.

Rare alpine azalea rhododendron planted in a park hill on the climb up the small slope along the bluestone path, there are ups and downs scattered on both sides of the turtle Wen Shi, waterfalls, streams homeopathy; 100 acres to nearly 5,000 azaleas 4 It may open. Huangshan Magnolia Park Magnolia, Magnolia luck, yellow magnolia, two Qiao Yulan, Magnolia and Tianmu more than 1,000 magnolia trees. According to reports, Riverside Forest Park in spring flowers, autumn autumn fruit all year round, flowers continuously. In recent years also added entertainment, such as live CS, acclaimed.

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