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Home >> Qibao Ancient Town sightseeing information

Qibao Ancient Town

Qibao Ancient TownLocated in the southwest suburbs of Shanghai Qibao Town, Minhang District, it is attached to a population of about 140,000, covering 21.3 square kilometers. It is in the north of Shanghai Hua Cao Qing Ping Road, Xinzhuang Town, the southern boundary of Gu Dai Road, East Hill Westgate, Hongqiao Town, Wang Jing Hong Kong. Historically, Qibao Town in prosperous times larger, has made some people proud.

Qibao Qibao Old Street in the center, covering about 86 acres. Qibao central square is its iconic facilities, also has a clock tower square, Po River Square, the ancient theater and other mass cultural activities. Street is located in New Street Youth roadsides, retro Street Plaza, grace, style old. Street is divided into North and South Main Street, South Street to the main specialties, North Street, tourism handicrafts, antiques, paintings based. Street has become set leisure, tourism, shopping, as one of the bustling downtown.

Qibao town, has become after Zhouzhuang, Xitang, Zhujiajiao, Shanghai people travel another choice rivers and lakes. The excellent location, low spending, more so Qibao popularity gradually rose.

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