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Oriental Land

Oriental LandOriental Land located in Qingpu District, Shanghai is the only set to expand training, youth social practice, team activities and leisure travel as one large park. Near the scenic Dianshan Lake, covers an area of 5600 acres, of which water area of 2,000 acres. Oriental Land Boulevard area of knowledge, courage wisdom district, educational zone defense, survival challenge areas, scientific exploration areas, water sports area, sports training area, a total of eight campus life practice composition.

Oriental Land, founded in 2000, is one of Shanghai education strategy to implement vigorously promote quality education and a major project, but also the municipal government gave millions of youngsters a gift of the new century.

Oriental Land water area of 2,000 acres, a huge water area so it is not only for tourists but also for tourists can enjoy the enjoy the play. A major highlight of the Green Lake boat, Oriental Land, water lilies floating on the water quietly, stone-paved road in the sunset light is so beautiful. Beautiful corner of knowledge is so dreamy, bridges, water, flowers, grass, so serene, so beautiful. Sunset Oasis is charming, the sunset makes this park even more attractive.

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