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Home >> Changfeng Ocean World sightseeing information

Changfeng Ocean World

Changfeng Ocean WorldChangfeng Ocean World is located in the scenic Changfeng Park, is a large marine animal shows and aquarium fish exhibition of integrated marine theme park.

Changfeng Ocean World polar white whale performance hall has become the largest mainland China, East China's first marine animals have beluga performance hall, which can accommodate 2,000 people. In addition to rising star white whale museum, also have introduced the California sea lions, dolphins and other marine mammals wizard.

Another part of Changfeng Ocean World - Changfeng Park is located 13 meters silver hoe lake aquarium, is China's first large-scale thematic aquarium, the museum is divided into jungle adventure, coral reefs plexus, deep sea shipwrecks, sharks corridor, penguins and other regional museum, visitors can feel the shark corridor in direct contact with the sea overlord exciting experience, but rebuilt after the jungle rainforest adventure due to the realistic environment, by the kids like it.

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