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China Nautical Museum

China Nautical MuseumChina Nautical Museum is the largest and highest level of comprehensive Nautical Museum. China Maritime Museum, the National Maritime Museum, China's first approved by the State Council, aims to promote the splendid Chinese civilization and the fine tradition of seafaring, building international maritime exchange platform, the majority of young people cultivate a love for the maritime industry, to create the Shanghai International culture shipping center.

Museum building area 46,434 square meters, the indoor exhibition area of 21,000 square meters. The museum in "Voyage" main line, "naturalist" basis, divided into maritime history, ships, navigation and ports, maritime and maritime security, seafarers, military navigation six pavilions, fishing boats and fishing, nautical sports and leisure two thematic exhibition, and built a planetarium, 4D theater, children's activity center, covering heritage collections, academic research, community education, displayed on other functions.

Maritime Museum of the Marine and maritime safety and maritime security exhibition of two independent components. Maritime Maritime History and Maritime Museum Show regulatory enforcement through physical and auxiliary graphic. Maritime Security Pavilion salvage through objects, models, multimedia, electronic maps, marine salvage and anti-piracy feature content. Museum showcases the work of seafarers and seafarers, life is closely related to the physical, literature. Located in the center of the hall to the large container ships sailing simulator cab simulator prototype for a vivid display of modern seamanship job characteristics, so that the audience through active manipulation of the ship, to experience a sense back when the captain.

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