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Home >> Maya Beach Water Park tourist guide

Maya Beach Water Park

Maya Beach Water ParkShanghai Maya Beach water park is located in the southwest of Shanghai Happy Valley theme park, covers an area of about 128,000 square meters of Maya Beach Water Park on July 5, 2013 opened its doors, it can receive 26,000 daily visitors, including a hours in the park can accommodate 14,000 visitors. Water park operator from mid-June to mid-September, a period of approximately three months each year. East China is currently the largest open-air water park.

Shanghai Maya Beach water park has two entrances. Shanghai Happy Valley as a water park Sisters Park tickets will be sold separately, but the park has a small door and Happy Valley interlinked. Business after early July, the park has a free shuttle bus to the Happy Valley, water parks and subway stations are connected.

April 2013, Shanghai Maya Beach water park 32 kit is basically a large water play equipment installed. The 32 sets of equipment, including the use of water-water power technology track magnetic levitation water roller coaster, the king of the world's water racing octopus big slide, the world's largest super magical interactive kiosk, Asia, the new four slide combination, drop-out downhill loop three floating cutting double slide, whirlpool experience deep-sea project whirlwind big waves and so on.

Shanghai Maya Beach water park by the effort to design the world's top planning agency, focusing on inclusive thrills and family play element, the integration of the ancient Mayan culture and modern water amusement experience, OCT Group, after Shanghai Happy Valley, in eastern China launched another fine masterpiece. Park covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with the world's leading two-track water coaster Hornet, Asia's largest diameter of 23 meters super large speakers, the king of the world water racing big octopus slide, the world's most popular deep sea whirlpool experience project behemoth bowl, the world's largest interactive kiosk magic Maya kiosk and other 18 large hydrophilic recreational projects, including a number of international industry association awards the best water play equipment. Halong more star-studded music festival, exotic dance, interactive games and other exciting topics presented, to bring you an unprecedented extraordinary sensory experience.

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