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LibraryShanghai Public Library is a research library, built in 1952, Shanghai Science and Technology Information Institute is a comprehensive research and documentation services intelligence unit, was established in 1958. October 1995 Shanghai Library and the Shanghai Science and Technology Information Institute merged to become the first province (city) level of Library and Information Consortium.

The museum has a reading room facilities, personal laboratory, exhibition halls, rooms and academic activities hall, multi-purpose hall and a music listening room. Computer integrated management and service system using modern literature interviews, cataloging, circulation, bibliographic query functions. Boost the reader's lending figures have launched mobile reader, mobile libraries, electronic newspaper column, commissioned by online library, e Cartoon - Electronic Resources on the map remote service and the My Library (one card pass) Rush library free of charge. Read other modern digital reader free new service initiatives.

Collection of rich and complete. Have books, newspapers and scientific and technical information of nearly 52 million (pieces) and 15 million albums and other non- book materials Zhanglao. The Pavilion of Shanghai Ancient Books Protection Center location, collections of historical documents 3.7 million, dating back 1400 's Vimalakirti Sutra is the figure of the earliest collections. Has a total of 1.8 million surnames genealogy 342 species, is home to the largest collection of Chinese genealogy library.

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