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Home >> Jinjiang Amusement Park tour information

Jinjiang Amusement Park

Jinjiang Amusement ParkShanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park is China's first large-scale modern amusement park , covers an area of 170 acres , a total of 40 rides for visitors of all ages to play .

Jinjiang Amusement Park is located at 201 Hongmei Road , Shanghai after the introduction of reform and opening up to foreign rides built the first large-scale amusement park , built in early 1985 , under the Jin Jiang International Group , Jinjiang Amusement Park fully functional and pleasant environment. Jinjiang Amusement Park is divided into two parts , the land of the world and Water World , a total of 40 rides for visitors of all ages to play , around one million tourists each year .

Jinjiang Amusement Park classic amusement park projects and pleasing environment favored by tourists . If a single ring pulley, monorail , Trojans swim turn, empty planes , landing troops , air chair, lotus plate , foot monorail car , animal car, bumper cars, inertia block, UFO boats , laser shooting , UFO wheel, variable high- speed skating Road , rock slides, 45 degrees Celsius torrents surfing skateboarding, massage pools. Visitors can choose their favorite project participants , rejoicing in the thrilling atmosphere, exercise courage and wisdom.

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