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Jingan Temple

Jingan TempleShanghai Jingan Temple is one of the famous temple, according to legend was built in three years, Sun Wu Chi Wu, the beginning of Shanghai ditch metaphysics Temple. Song Dazhong Xiangfu first year (1008), renamed Jingan Temple. Song Jiading nine years (1216), Temple moved into the territory from the Wusong River Lupu Boiling Wells Creek side (now Nanjing Road West, 1686), has been nearly 780 years earlier than the city of Shanghai. Qing Dynasty, the temple into a modern scale. In 34 years (1945), questions the amount of wood scattered calligrapher Deng Jing'an Temple, followed thus far.

Jing'an Temple is located in Jing'an District, 1686 West Nanjing Road, the famous southern temple. Formerly heavy Yuan Temple, heavy cloud Temple. Jingan Temple is one of Shanghai's most famous Shingon temple, Jing'an District increased from Jingan Temple and famous. This temple is also a rare downtown Kiyonaga this land, which consists of the Main Hall, King Hall, Third Temple three main buildings, magnificent. The temple is also in possession Badashanren paintings, Wen Zhengming authentic Pipa Cursive scroll. Tongzhi reign (1862), Happy Valley Road to the concession building Jingan Temple, Jingan Temple formation Road (now Nanjing West Road). Subsequently a hundred years, because of geographic proximity to the center of Jing'an Temple transport network consisting of a starting point Huxi of urbanization.

Jingan Temple old Jing Eight, said. Since the Yuan and Ming to Shanghai tourist attraction; modern times due to a combination of Chinese and Western business of gardens known; now a modern tourist facilities roost; described as the connection point of the ancient and modern, Chinese and Western cultures meet. Its long history and culture, is the source of the historical development of Jing'an District. Guangxu twenty-seven police districts and 34 years (1945) and the administrative set, Jingan Temple are named.

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