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Home >> Jewish Refugees Museum sightseeing and tour

Jewish Refugees Museum

Jewish Refugees MuseumShanghai Jewish Refugees Museum is located in the Hongkou Mayor Rd No. 62 (formerly No. 62 Ward Road), from the site of Moses synagogue and two showrooms composition, is an important part of "Tilanqiao Historic District" aims to witness and memorial Jewish refugees in Shanghai this history.

Moses Hall, the site of one of the two remaining synagogue site of Shanghai during World War II is often held religious gatherings and Jewish refugees in Shanghai place, has been restored to 1928 when as an architectural style synagogue, the internal structure were adjusted according to the drawings, copies of this architectural drawings are now housed on the first floor. Tourists on the third floor has a signature instrument, Jewish refugees databases and video programs. II showrooms rich movie scene with sculptures, carvings and paintings and other works of art, vivid reproduction of this history of Jewish refugees in Shanghai, in addition to show your passport and Shanghai Jewish refugees Morning Post and other physical copies, inscribed with Rabin Large stone inscription and so on. Historians and artists work together to make this exhibition the audience away. Three showrooms often have a variety of themes in this new exhibition on display.

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