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Home >> Natural Wild Insect Museum tourist information

Natural Wild Insect Museum

Natural Wild Insect MuseumShanghai Wild Insect Museum is located next to the Oriental Pearl Tower, an area of ??over 3000 square meters, there are more than 200 species of insects, tens of thousands. Tourism, watch, science education as one of China's first live insect exhibition hall. The museum area is divided into: Insects promenade, Butterfly Valley, Reptile cave, ecological touch area, the waters of touch area, tropical rain forest, insect salon and science classrooms. Here visitors can watch and touch the many vivid insects, but can do it yourself insect specimens. In short, the changing seasons created a mix of various insects, as the seasons change, insect museum will show you a different charm and scene.

Animal, insect museum interaction is the most important feature, and touch and feel many vivid insect, animal, feed animals, fish fishing, watching animal shows, handmade insect specimens to fully enjoy the beauty of nature and fun. Changing seasons created a variety of insects and animals of various shapes, different seasons insect museum will also show a different charm and scene.

Shanghai Natural Wild Insect museum also use high-tech means to realistically simulate the reproduction of the ecological garden, woods, valleys, deserts, swamps, rain forests and other insects to survive, divided into Butterfly Valley, insect gallery, ecological stocking area, two amphibians and reptiles cave area, the waters of the touch area, tropical rain forest experience zone, small insects and insect theater classroom, taxidermy display area and other areas. There are a variety of mining pavilion honey, insect parade, fought over a hundred insects and other performances, described as blending exhibition on music, edutainment, will add fake festival visitors more fun.

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