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Hengshan Road

Hengshan RoadHengshan Road was built in 1892, built by the French public Directors Bureau, who was a famous French Concession Petain Road, in October 1943 changed its name to Hengshan Road, the whole street length of 2.3 kilometers. Hengshan Road, south of the commercial center of Xujiahui, Huaihai Road shopping street north of fashion - is quiet and elegant downtown area between the two channels. Close to the consulate district, is one of Shanghai's main roads, subway with the site, roads and lush tree-lined in the plane distinctive kind of upscale European architecture on Hengshan Road Hengshan add to the rich exotic culture.

Hengshan Road is Shanghai's most prestigious leisure and entertainment street. But since the Huaihai Road Commercial Street, New World, the rise of a sharp decline in the status of Hengshan, a depression, took off the accolades. Hengshan transformation is imminent.

Hengshan Road, crossing the road and row upon row of leisure places, different styles, there are bars, tea house, hotels, entertainment centers, beauty salons, galleries, totaling more than 100, are attracting high-end consumer-level white-collar workers and has matured modern consciousness of young people. Indus shade on the Shanghai Hengshan pride. Hengshan is international cuisine restaurant, lounge bar Square, entertainment and fitness as business conditions elegant consumer areas. Such a drink everything complete and comprehensive in terms of recreation area on the scale is nowhere in Shanghai can match his. It is the first choice for the night to witness the charm of style to Shanghai.

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