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Happy Valley

Happy Valley Dynamic, stylish, fun, fantasy, the major theme parks - Shanghai Happy Valley, is located in Songjiang District, Sheshan National Tourism Resort core area, covering 90 hectares, was officially opened on August 16, 2009, Shanghai and even the largest and most beautiful scenery, high tech theme park.

There are known as roller coaster sector ancestor wooden roller coaster, a roller coaster king reputation of drop- coaster, a leading international level flight Cinema 4K HD and other advanced amusement equipment. There are a number of large indoor venues: can accommodate 4,500 people, including, bring tourists to enjoy the supreme art of theater OCT; sets banquet, catering, exhibitions and other functions in one large multi-purpose hall - Arthur Palace and magic and more variable fairy homes - ants Castle. Here 's a wonderful blend of performing arts events around the world: Let the circus, acrobatics, magic as one of the Happy Cube; magnificent real war horse show Azolla; Yung experience, participation, interaction is one of the real outdoor television show on the beach.

Take Guoneishoutai magnificent wooden roller coaster, walking leap in the jungle, in the rainforest to share the wonderful experience real adventure in the entertainment, feel the rustic charm in nature; take special vessels involved in the whirlpool of the Gulf storm, sweeping into experience 26 m waves hurtling down the stimulus; walk through the 1920s and 1930s old Shanghai, brick and plaster, stone frame black door, lattice windows, old-fashioned fire hydrants, street lights, rickshaw, old mailbox, people fascinated by...... these are the Shanghai happy Valley will bring surprises, which contains the Port Sunlight, happy hour, Hurricane Bay, gold-mining town, the ant kingdom, on the beach, La seven themed areas, more than one hundred Entertainment and ornamental items, 12 top play equipment, more than ten thousand a performance venue seats.

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