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Guyi Garden

Guyi GardenGuyi Garden is located in the northwestern suburbs of Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai. An area of 10 hectares. Before the Ming Jiajing 1522-1566), formerly known as Yi Park, take the bamboo Yi Yi meaning; After Jiading bamboo house designed by Zhusansong to ten acres of gardens of the scale of construction, but also in the column , rafters, inscribed on the promenade mix Penny King, vivid and elegant; Qianlong 11 years (1746) the expansion of heavy thatch, renamed Guyi Garden.

Shanghai tours to Guyi Garden whole garden is divided into the whole garden is divided into Yi Park, floral Sin Yuan, Qu River Crane shadow, secluded grove smoke on four spots. With bamboo Yiyi, Qushui quiet, elegant architecture, poetry couplet rhyme ignorant timeless and beautiful flower stone paths and other famous five characteristics. Unique exquisite artistic ideas, so that the ancient Yi Park is even more evident accounted Park, elegant, light, succinct artistically.

Ming and Qing dynasties flourished wind's private garden, mostly for City house, though small in size and construction as much. Guyi Garden is known for its mu of garden, mu of the house, said known. When first built Yi Park layout varied twists and turns, the hall Hin Terrace phase, landscape architecture CPT. Then after four hundred years of war Rise and Fall, most of the buildings have been damaged does not exist. After the founding of New China several times to repair the expansion of existing Guyi Garden area has been expanded to 146 acres, divided into wild Tong Yi, drama Goose Pond, Songhe Park, Green Park, clear, and Nanxiang wall 6 Yuanyang Lake area, the original Ming and Qing classical and elegant architectural features preserved and reproduce it.

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