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Home >> Gulf National Forest Park tour guide

Gulf National Forest Park

Gulf National Forest ParkGulf National Forest Park is located in Fengxian District of Shanghai Bay Town Fourth farm territory, 60 kilometers away from Shanghai, is a forest as the main financial seedling production, leisure and tourism, scientific research and science education as one of the natural analog of large artificial city ecological forest.

Park planning area of 10.8 square kilometers (16,200 acres), is divided into ecological maintenance areas, tourist resorts (style town), sports and fitness area three functional areas. After more than ten years of construction, within the scope of the planning area, initially built a forest in the water, the water in the forest, undulating terrain, forest form the approximate nature of artificial mixed forest, is Shanghai's largest forest park.

Park planting 420 million trees, plant species, 342 kinds of Section 79; 29 kinds of plum 1 million lines; 26 kinds of bamboo 304,000; which micranthum, Zhoushan Neolitsea, Huang Bo, a variety of rare and endangered species. Under simulated natural, back to nature's basic concept to guide, to create a nearly natural form of forest, highlighting the complex nature of mixed forest communities seasons the King!

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