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Grand View Garden

Grand View GardenShanghai Grand View Garden is designed according to the Chinese Qing Dynasty famous Dream of Red Mansions in describing a large antique garden. Garden buildings garden courtyard Liangyousong hosted by the Shanghai Planning and Design. The overall layout to Daguanlou as the main form of mothering villa stone arches, stone lanterns, Qinfang Lake ren Mu Germany, winding streets, the palace, fantasyland screen wall reliefs, wooden arch so the whole park axis. Set on the west side Yihong, rope emerald Um, Rika homes, stone boat. Set on the eastern side Xiaoxiang Guan, Heng Wu Hospital, Polygonum wind Xuan, Tao Heung Village over 20 group construction sites.

Grand View Garden consuming effort in the design, and the Beijing Grand View Garden obvious difference is the use of the Yangtze River Delta Shanghai Grand View Garden layout features a large area of artificial lakes in the park. To the door - ren Mu De - Daguanlou as the central axis, the group has more than 10 buildings, more than 20 attractions, total construction area of 7,837 square meters. Winding design for large rockery entrance barrier to dig a lake to take the mound drop 16 meters high hill of Daguanlou background, constitutes a magnificent momentum Daguanlou Beishanmianshui. The whole garden in the Great Lakes as the center, pond, creek communication Qinfang attractions, constitute a main branch there, there is movement there is quiet river, lake located pavilion, pavilion, lake located bridges, stone boat, stone lamps, creek Let Qiaoting the form mountain heavy water complex, water scenery of southern gardens of others. Clever use of the Grand View Garden Park will seal must isolation, and seek momentum flowing and cohesive center packer concept of traditional Chinese architecture, building a closed little world to enrich the connotation of the heart, placed in the limited space of infinite space, increasing landscape level, so that is a fusion of architecture and environment, character by character expressing atmosphere, so that the Dream of Red Mansions in the Grand View Garden Landscape human reproduction.

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