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Home >> Gongqing Forest Park travel guide

Gongqing Forest Park

Gongqing Forest ParkShanghai Gongqing National Forest Park is located in the northeast of Military Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai, No. 2000, the park was originally the Huangpu River tidal marshes, the Shanghai Municipal Government in 1956, after land reclamation dredging turned into a nursery. January 2006 was formally approved by the State Forestry Administration as a national forest park, and named Shanghai Communist Youth National Forest Park. Park has a total area of 1965 acres, of which 1,870.6 acres of open green area. Park Forest Park is featured as the main landscape, planted more than 200 species of trees, a total of more than 30 million trees. Park is divided into North and South Park, in addition to viewing, visitors can also ride in the park, a barbecue and fishing, to become a good place for holiday travel.

Shanghai Gongqing Forest National Park, the Park divided into two blocks, the North Park to plant landscaping, with hills, meadows, lakes, streams, forests, bamboo, etc., constitute the rustic charm featuring deep forest landscape ; South Park bamboo culture as its theme, Sunrise clear interest, according to the clear moon shadow, rain cleared handsome, clean fragrance of the wind, to create a school of southern Sail, natural elegance of the beautiful scenery. The main attractions of the Park are:

Greenfield Park is located in the northeast valley, an area of 4000 square meters, the highest point of the full potential of the garden. The whole area planted more than 1,700 strains of cedar, forming a magnificent cedar forest. Gust of wind, Greenfield bursts, constitute the magnificent landscape listen to the sound. Between two peaks, there is a narrow valley. People standing bottom, sky and tsunami, the sound reverberating walls, more empty and quiet. Visitors exposure to Greenfield valley area, can have fun flying kites on the lawn, but also walk through the pine forest trail meandering along the forest valley play. Greenfield waterfall located in the valley of pines on the north side, where the former is a gap of about 9m of the canyon, later renamed the waterfall. Through artificial plastic stone and natural stone combined method to simulate natural forest streams will. Plant falls on both sides with cedar, Qingfeng, cherry, wisteria and dry celandine, yellow irises and other aquatic plants, forming a group of gurgling water, waves faint, butterflies dancing forest wild landscape.

Simon spent implicit diving located east of the southeast side of the altar of cedar trees. Natural wetland landscape gardens, area of 10,000 square meters. The entire wetland, south of the summit to camphor -based, plug kinds of aromatic wood hydrangea ornamental fruit plants ; intermediate gently arranged Manila lawn ; while digging in the northwest side of the pool to extend through the forest is the northern part of the pool, constitutes a bundle of water wetland forest landscape. When visitors walk through the woods along the Road to the west side of the island in the pool, standing on the bridge, but also watch the Maple Leaf and water iris, lotus, water onion, Lythrum, cattails and other aquatic on the island plants and carp in the water. Turns out to be people walking in the streets, the water flow in the forest, swim in the pool in carp spent on open ground. Constitute a very rich landscape space level.

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