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Home >> Fengjing Ancient Town tourist information

Fengjing Ancient Town

Fengjing Ancient Town Fengjing Ancient Town town into the city in the Song, the town built in the Yuan, the town has a history of 1500 years of civilization, Yue across the two circles. Fengjing Ancient Town is a typical Jiangnan town, surrounded by water network throughout the district rivers and known as the three-step two bridges, one look ten Hong Kong, said the township more than a small dike, the shape of the leaves ; territory shade trees shade, farmhouse in rows, clean rapids, and planted flowers, elegant and beautiful, it is also called breeze Jing, Fengxi alias Hibiscus Town.

Feng Jing existing stone 39, one of the most unique is the temple even bridge, the bridge in the temple, said the Rev. and bridges, Feng Jing people called Couples Bridge (allusion to explain a couple of the bridge). To bridge located in the middle and Fengjing Ancient Town South Taipei river, built in the Yuan Dynasty between cause and hence the name, Feng Jing is the oldest bridge, also Fengjing witness history. Feng Jing main entrance (Yue Square) is a Wu and Yue culture into architectural features to the Ming and Qing buildings, town architectural style elements in detail, into a wealthy family in southern courtyard building features and elegant atmosphere. The scenic bridges, pink and leaves. Rockery, rocks, bonsai cleverly designed, with camphor, maple, magnolia, laurel, pine, bamboo and other species, creating an intimate, pleasant and elegant environment, the main entrance area of over 35,000 square meters, the ecological park field can park 88 carts, 98 car to meet the parking needs of the team and driving tourists.

Coronet Xiapei dressed, red head scarf, across the brazier, sit the ancient ship wedding, so the wedding you thought about it? Every year in late September, wedding to Meet Feng Jing, embracing life as the theme, 20 couples will experience Jiangnan civil wedding at the sound of people's blessings, happiness into the hall. The entire wedding ceremony, will combine the charm of Chinese classical culture and the essence of a traditional wedding. The bride will wear a traditional Coronet Xiapei, the groom is dressed in a yellow robe jacket, wearing a big red flower, follow all procedures in ancient times, to complete the wedding: on the red carpet, wrapped in red silk wedding boarded the boat, along the ancient town River City travels to reach the ancient stage slowly Square, one can accommodate 40 people dining at the world table are empty seats to be ; then Matchmaker throwing Hydrangea, walking Bridge, tie the knot lock, which means blending couple concentric ; walking promenade, lifted red scarf, thanks to parents. You people can watch the wonderful folk art performances, tasting essential Jiangnan marriage dates, peanuts, longan, lotus seeds, etc., to bless the couple Early Takako, family reunion. In the genre of music, the 20 couples leisurely seated, drink wedlock, eating lotus soup to taste traditional Cuisine Fengjing based dishes.

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