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Shanghai Expo Park

Shanghai Expo Park2010 Shanghai World Expo site is located between the Nanpu Bridge and Lupu Bridge, laid out along the Huangpu River in Shanghai city. Expo Park planned area of 5.28 square kilometers, the park is divided into five major venues group, respectively, independent museum group, the Joint Center group, corporate pavilions group, Theme Pavilion and the China Pavilion population group.

Huangpu River in Shanghai Expo area 5.4 square kilometers, Expo Park venue group were five independent museum group, the Joint Center group, corporate pavilions group, Theme Pavilion and the China Pavilion population group. Independent museum buildings which will focus on the Huangpu River, each building consists of a state-funded construction for showing the country's scientific and technological achievements; Pavilion buildings will be part of the joint construction of some countries; other buildings will be funded China construction, then leased to the participating countries to use; corporate museum complex will become an international exhibitors places.

According to the plan, the red line in the Expo Park planning area, in addition to a large number of new buildings built, but nearly 20 percent of the old buildings will be protected reservations; 2 million square meters of total floor area, the old building re-use area of 380,000 square meters. These include outstanding old houses and witness the process of China's industrial development built after the opening of Shanghai's industrial heritage. They are mainly used after renovation pavilion, management office, Riverside restaurants, museums and so on. The move not only to significantly reduce construction costs, but also would like to take to complete the transition from industrial plants to between Expo industry. And so at home and abroad are most concerned about the Jiangnan Shipyard, after the Expo will once again "turned", turned into a museum of modern Chinese industrial group, as a new bright spot in Shanghai city, is permanently retained.

Shanghai World Expo this initiative, UNESCO experts have been affirmed. Secretary-General of the International Exhibitions Bureau Loscertales said the Shanghai World Expo utilization, protection and follow-up of historic buildings and industrial heritage building area, is the first since the 1851 World Expo greatest. Experts believe that this demonstration can be made for other developing countries in the protection of industrial heritage.

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