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Expo Memorial Exhibition

Expo Memorial ExhibitionWorld Expo in Shanghai New Museum build process, Shanghai will be held in advance of the Shanghai World Expo Memorial Exhibition. Memorial Exhibition aim is to become the Shanghai World Expo, witness a successful, splendid retain continuation memorable an important carrier, raise public awareness of the Shanghai World Expo memories, while the Shanghai World Expo in effect be continued. Meanwhile, the exhibition will commemorate the coming of the World Expo Museum rehearse and play a role in the actual long-term propaganda. Its highlights shows are: Wonderful World every day, oversized scroll multimedia video gallery millet baby with blue planet, the story of Lucy, a command platform.

Millet baby, formerly the Shanghai World Expo Spain Pavilion core exhibition items. Robot doll millet baby, sitting up to 6.5 meters, specially for the Shanghai World Expo exhibition and produced by the Spanish Pavilion, by the Spanish museum gift Expo Museum, the millet baby and the blue planet and theme Pavilion combination of content, viewers will watch the state when converted into the future tense, intended to put the future of the symbol millet baby Now we are looking forward to jointly care for our survival, living space - Earth to visually sublime Shanghai World Expo theme.

In the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Chinese wisdom exhibition, referring to the China Pavilion painting the player in the form of another production of oversized scroll multimedia video gallery can be played simultaneously in different venues of Shanghai World Expo three-dimensional picture of the scene (IWC style Yiu River ) and Shanghai World Expo wonderful exhibition highlights term video portrays two content. The former is the use of three-dimensional technology to reproduce the entire park with panoramic views and all the Expo venue. The latter will be the Expo in some special sound and light show elements of fun, do stunts treatment, so that the audience can light tunnel immersive, interactive experience fun, memorable Expo exhibition in the main story, and create a man in the World Tour, the heart With the city moving, the cheerful atmosphere, happy time looking into the past and experience the atmosphere of the time.

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