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Home >> Shenlong Ecological Park tourist information

Shenlong Ecological Park

Shenlong Ecological ParkShenlong Ecological Park covers an area of 11,780.5 acres, currently 75 percent forest cover is Tianranyangba south of Shanghai, is one of five large woodlots pilot project in Shanghai, the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites. Featured: farmhouse, lake boats, Bainiao, raft. Nearby Attractions: Fengxian Bihaijinsha, Shenya Fengxian Modern Agriculture Park.

Shanghai Shenlong Ecological Park in 70% of ecological forest, 25% of the artificial lakes and rivers, 5% for the forest road. Formation in the form of five functional areas: forest villas, health and leisure area, forest tourism, forest nursery areas and ecological farming area. A set of leisure, recreation rehabilitation, tourism conference as one of the features of the integrated Jiangnan Green Ecological Forest Park.

Enter Shenlong Ecological Park is like wandering nature, lush islands like the one embedded in the earth green jade, bridge, water, island, Green Lake, the road twists and turns white, green islands slope loop turn, a good clear water surrounded by many small islands near the natural state of the forest park. Shade trees, trees Pinnacle; clear water and blue sky, green Castle on Ginkgo Avenue, Centennial ginkgo vigorous upright, antique, both sides of the crape myrtle, wonderful, Ana scene, truly beautiful - set foot straight Ginkgo Avenue, like walked. the time tunnel, so there Thinking back that fascinating forests, mysterious atmosphere emerge in front. Ginkgo Avenue on the left is a turtle island, the island has seat trees of the Eight Immortals Rock Hill, Rock Hill tortoise shape on the looming, eight immortal life, meaning the land of China, such as planting trees in the Eight Immortals, recount. Diversified investment, afforestation, improve the ecological environment in which health and longevity.

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