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Donglin Temple

Donglin TempleDonglin Temple was built in the Tai Yuan Dynasty (AD 1308), built by the monks wonderful result. Formerly known as the Goddess of Mercy Church, worship Bodhisattva. Yanyou in (post-1317 years ago), the abbot of Zen Ze to Dadu (now Beijing) into the offer Goddess of Mercy statue. At this time when Beijing drought, Zen Ze Ren emperor decreed fate altar rain, really efficacious, Heavy dew, so the emperor gave Zen Ze as Buddha Day shines Dade Jackson, and given Kinran cassock, Meanwhile Feng Chi was given Donglin Temple. So, after Zen Ze back, changed guanyintang as Donglin Temple. Donglin Temple Therefore famous, monks and laymen have come far and near, incense gradually exuberant.

Into three oncoming covering 240 square meters is golden pond, the pool has a statue of up to 5 meters cloisonne first domestic production of Zenzai boy, surrounded by around 8 dragon carp, leading the fish, men and women and visitors can be a coin thrown dragon carp mouth, that will make eight auspicious language, Buddha's blessings devout believers and tourists good luck, have fun making them pious and satisfied with the response.

Zenzai house of worship Zenzai boy, according to Flower Adornment Sutra says: This boy was born in Fucheng, born Jhainei uncountable treasures belongings, so parents named him Zenzai boy. Manjushri when Fucheng argument, see this miraculous child, a good mentor will guide him homage, and seek all wisdom. Finally attained Zenzai boy listening, rejoice, immediately southbound, defying journey, after paying homage fifty-three good mentor.

Genei for Guanyin Bodhisattva has ten thousand, of which one is fake Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Yuan Zi three murals statue of Avalokitesvara, the choice of lobular camphor wood carved, traditional gilding. Avalokitesvara Sumeru station lotus pedestal stand, is the first highest and largest indoor statue statue of Avalokitesvara, magnificent, delicate psychic, subtle and delicate, the concept of amazing. Terra-door and Buddha Hall means blending temple will spread through the ages, generations pass laws Touch of Evil is not bad meaning.

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