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Circus City

Circus CityShanghai Circus Gonghexinlu situated on the south side close to the Zhabei Stadium, on the north side of the park near Canton, covers an area of 2.25 hectares, is North of Shanghai culture, sports, and entertainment center. Shanghai Circus by acrobatic games, rehearsal assisted housing, entertainment, animal house, actor reception center five major components, based on acrobatics, circus as the main set of cultural, sports and entertainment as an integrated arts and entertainment venues. Shanghai Circus complete facilities, advanced equipment, complete functions, she provides an ideal place for both domestic and international acrobatic competitions and performances, but also for music, dance performances, in order to meet the needs of the public and cultural life.

Circus total of 1638. The venue is equipped with advanced lighting equipment and multi-channel, multi-surround sound. Has a revolving stage performances, composite landing stage, proscenium stage and boom, coupled with high altitude three laps bridleways, facilities constitute a complete, fully functional acrobatics places. Simultaneously at high altitude, the air and on the ground to do three-dimensional, big scene performances, both for acrobatics, circus competitions and performances by, but also provide a good comprehensive performance space for music, song and dance performances. Excellent famous circus, acrobatic show will take turns in Circus City performances. Cultural and commercial city is an important supporting Circus City, construction area of 12,000 square meters. Its construction also fully embodies the crisp, smooth, modern style. And cultural shows, cultural and shopping, entertainment, dining and other services.

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