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Home >> Chongming Island sightseeing guide

Chongming Island

Chongming IslandChongming Island to the Director of the estuary, is the third largest island in China, known as the gateway to the Yangtze River, the East China Sea Chou is the world's largest alluvial island, the world's largest sand island.

Chongming Island Delicate clean water, everywhere, without artificial chisels natural scenery. Tree-lined island levee, like a green dragon, dish fell on the Yangtze River estuary. Morning, boarded the eastern embankment, enjoy the East China Sea sunrise, diminished Taidai wonders ; evening, stand levee on the west side, enjoy the river sunset, ears owned boat night to sing, it is refreshing. The island has many historical sites and cultural landscapes. There are vast river of Chou -oriented park ; there are gold ao, life safety Temple, Confucius Temple, the tomb of Tang Cen, Mingtan, ancient Qing Zheng Chenggong bloody battlefields and other sites ; ; mix of city Town Dan Park has the largest man-made forest in East China - Dongping forest.

As the island, Chongming Island, of course, there are some of its unique resources and landscape. Generally, there are three things in particular the King. One said crab and more. Chongming island, especially on the mudflats near the sea, full of small crabs, beach face almost covered with a dense mass. Visitors walking the beach face, small crabs are frightened, have fled to the beach without powder cave, the speed, amazing ! It can be said, even if you catch the fastest leaned pick up, it is difficult to touch them the slightest. Of course, the beach crab cavity floor surface, with disastrous to describe, by no exaggeration. So, Chongming Island has Crab Island of good reputation. The second major feature is the beach reed forest, can be referred to as the island green wall of the. Since the beach is suitable for the growth of reeds, and growing very fierce, Chongming Island in northern and eastern sand along the south bank of unity, we have seen several kilometers wide reed belt. People's Bank which, like the endless sleep, may then reeds, but also the size of shajiabang this. The third major feature is the shape of the island itself migratory impermanent, always in rapid evolution. Unlike the bedrock islands, thousands of years basically maintain a relatively stable state, Chongming Island has evolved constantly throughout.

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