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Home >> Changfeng Park sightseeing and tour

Changfeng Park

Changfeng ParkChangfeng Park design inherited traditional Chinese garden art, drawing on the experience of gardening Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou City Park features combined with modern needs, reality and building a base from Shanghai, the original engineer of Shanghai Landscape Management Office Liulvhua responsible for the overall planning and design, design and planting design terrain. The overall layout of the analog nature park, landscaped to the main lake, landscape combined, the vast lake and a 26-meter-high mountain Tiebi constitute the entire park's unique landscape. So far, lakeside mountain side attractions have been built more than 20, the main attractions are: Tiebi formations, blue silver hoe, Seifu oasis, the sunset, Three Friends of Winter, spring pool, water lily pond, lotus pond, fishing pond, black Matsuyama, Peony Garden, Rhododendron Garden, Rose Garden, Magnolia Court, Sakura Garden, Qulang, galleries, etc., also has underground Young Pioneers sculptures, Lei Feng bronze statue and other city and district youth patriotism education base.

1999 built Ocean World, is China's first marine aquarium theme of new concepts, the scale of construction 10,000 square meters, more than 300 kinds of marine life on display, one more than the tail (only), is the national and Shanghai one youth science education base.

Changfeng Park seedlings flourish, shade verdant foothills bamboo planted pines, lake island Seifu graceful lakeside waterfront with water willow, ginkgo forest, camphor forests, palm trees and other plants made attractions, or fortitude bold, or put first Nongzi. Garden, Cherry Park, azalea garden, rose garden and seasonal different Begonia, peach, osmanthus and other 200 kinds of shrubs, flowers make the park seasons. 1998, the Ministry of Construction Changfeng Park, Park Association as one of hundreds of Chinese Garden, China, is a good place for casual play.

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