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Home >> Binhai Forest Park travel guide and tours

Binhai Forest Park

Binhai Forest ParkShanghai Nanhui Binhai Forest Park is located in the coastal tourist resort area adjacent coastal golf course has been built. 18 km south of the Pudong International Airport, 15 km north of Luchaogang deepwater wharf, 60 kilometers west of Shanghai People's Square, convenient transportation, the main trunk road connecting the Far East Magnolia Avenue, Shanghai and Shanghai South Outer Ring Road, Southern Bong and other highways, with a total area of 5380 acres, of which 75 per cent of forests, rivers and lakes, 20%.

Overall Shanghai Binhai Forest Park natural ecological theory, in the planning and design to fully implement the people-oriented, coexistence with nature concept, the forests, meadows, lakes, swamps, beaches, buildings and other components to watch, entertaining equipped ecosystems. Visitors immersive with nature, thus away from dust, relieve stress, strong bonds physique, yardsticks, tourism and leisure destination. Into the modern science and technology and culture as one of the coastal forest park, to simulate natural forest scenery to create harmony between man and nature, green atmosphere. Visitors immersive and integrated nature, carry out various picnic, watch, leisure and entertainment activities, the natural environment is highly desirable.

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