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West Lake

West Lake, Hangzhou
West Lake
West Lake, Hangzhou China
West Lake, Hangzhou province
West Lake, China Hangzhou

Centuries ago, the famous Italian traveler Marco Polo once impressed by the beauty of Hangzhou and descried it as ¡°the most enchanting and fascinating city in the world¡±. A similar saying was popular among Chinese is ¡°Just as there is paradise in Heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou on Earth¡±. While in the charming Hangzhou, West Lake is the must-see attraction. West Lake is located in the west of Hangzhou city with hills surrounding on three sides and the downtown facing its east. It is one of the best-known and most beautiful lakes in China and is added to the World Heritage List by UNESCO in 2011.

When mention the origin of West Lake, locals will tell you lots of myth legends and folk tales. Once upon a time, two immortals found a white jade on the island by the Milky Way and polished it into a shining pearl. Later, the Queen Mother wanted to get the treasure. When both sides fight for the pearl, it fell down to earth and became the West Lake. Therefore, West Lake is always tranquil and clear.The original lake was formed in Western Han Dynasty (207BC-25AD) and it grew into present size during the Sui Dynasty (581-618). In ancient times, West Lake was called Wulin Water, Jinniu Lake and Mingsheng Lake in Han Dynasty (202BC-220AD) and Shihan Lake and Qiantang Lake in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

West Lake is separated into five sections by Su Dyke and Bai Dyke, including the Outer Lake, the North Li Lake, Xi Li Lake, Yue Lake and Little South Lake. As a treasure land attracts more and more people from both home and abroad with its intoxicating beauty, West Lake has many scenic spots worthy of a visit.The most famous Ten Views of West Lake are Spring Dawn at Su Dyke, Lotus Stirred by Breeze in Quyuan Garden, Autumn Moon Over the Calm Lake, Melting Snow Scene on the Broken Bridge, Viewing Fish at Flower Pond, Evening Peaks Kissing the Sky, Leifeng Pagoda Silhouette against the Sunset, Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, and Orioles Singing in the Willows.On the northeast side of West Lake, here is Broken Bridge. Broken Bridge, together with Xileng Bridge and Long Bridge, known as the bridges of love. Listening the legend of Lady White Snake while appreciate the snow view of Broken Bridge in winter is an enjoyable experience to have sight feast and learn more about the charm culture and history of the bridge.Going straight is Bai Causeway, which is named to memorialize Bai Juyi who made great contribution to West Lake. The popularity of Bai Causeway can be traced back to 1,000 years ago in Tang Dynasty with its picturesque scenery of green trees and red flowers. Passing through Bai Causeway, the largest island in West Lake ¨C Solitary Hill will into your eye. On the island, the famous dishes Xi Hu Cu Yu (West Lake Fish in Vinegar Gravy) is served in the century-old restaurant ¨C Louwailou Restaurant.Walking through Xileng Bridge, you are on the northwest shore of West Lake. And go ahead to west, here is the Su Causeway which passes through West Lake from north to south with a length of 2.8 kilometers. Su Causeway was named after Su Dongpo, a well-known poet and scholar in Song Dynasty (960-1279).Passing by Su Causeway, you can a pagoda on the north shore of West Lake. It is the renowned Leifeng Pagoda. Viewing from a distance (better across the lake) just after sunset, the best scene of Leifeng Pagoda Silhouette against the Sunset will amaze you!As a fairyland in Hangzhou, West Lake is the combination of splendid culture, profound history and charming views. Locals and visitors are all lost themselves in this captivating place and to explore more about Chinese history and culture. Any time in any season is the best time to visit West Lake for it is always await travelers with its most beautiful and glamorous views!

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