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Home >> Shenlong Ecological Park sightseeing guide

Shenlong Ecological Park

Shenlong Ecological ParkShenlong Ecological Park covers an area of 11,780.5 acres, the forest coverage of 75%, is a natural oxygen bar south of Shanghai, is one of five large woodlots pilot project in Shanghai, the national agricultural tourism demonstration sites. Featured: farmhouse, lake boats, Bird Park, raft.

Enter Shenlong Ecological Park is like wandering nature, a lush island is like a mosaic in the land of green jade, bridge, water, island, Green Lake, the road twists and turns white, green islands slope circuit turn, a good clear water surrounded by many small islands near natural state forest park.

Enter Ecological Park reception center, the eye is that the light blue house, the promenade; reflected in the lake swan timber deck; full closure of the office; unique style dining floor; small size of the Soviet-style park; also There are open-air swimming pool, rockery waterfall. All in all, for the office, leisure provides a beautiful environment, first-class facilities. Planning a conference center, like a Limbo fairy, pretty natural stands on top of the blue, there are seven meeting rooms, the center of the venue, VIP lounge and other facilities. Construction of Shenlong Ecological Park peasant village center to the community to show a new socialist countryside flowers like King, the charm of a well-off society.

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