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Huaihai Road

Huaihai RoadHuaihai Road is located in Shanghai, it is one of Shanghai's most bustling commercial street. Huaihai Road, which can be divided into eastern, central and west sections, each have different characteristics. Huaihai Road, built in 1900, the provision, the provision through in 1901. Built at the beginning of the provision, the name of West River Road East, the western part of the name Baochang Road. It is the First Street famous Nanjing Road, if Shanghai Nanjing Road is a symbol of business, then the Huaihai Road, the need to show more of a taste, a style. It is recognized as the most beautiful and the whole of Shanghai, the most modern, the most tone and the mood of the street.

Modern buildings everywhere, fashion famous Carnival, followed by the world trend. Warm and elegant shopping environment, numerous dining and entertainment boutiques and excellent hotel services Huaihai Road shopping district considerably. In a hundred years, known for romantic elegance Huaihai Road, it is a luxurious grace in the eyes of the people shopping paradise. And its enduring vitality that since 1900 has always been born a hundred years since the pace of the times and be tolerant to diversity of mind.

Huaihai Road solicit World Boutique, Hong Kong Plaza, Lippo Plaza, Shanghai Times Square (now Crawford), Paris in the spring, Wonder City, etc. to elegant gesture to show the international top brands, so that Shanghai has the world's urban shopping standard level.

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