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Shanghai Tourist Attractions

Donglin Temple 2016-6-26 (attractions2)
New Market Town 2016-4-17 (attractions2)
Circus City 2016-3-30 (attractions2)
Qibao Ancient Town 2016-3-15 (attractions2)
Expo Park 2016-1-31 (attractions2)
Maya Beach Water Park 2016-1-8 (attractions2)
City Beach 2015-12-5 (attractions2)
Shenlong Ecological Park 2015-10-10 (attractions2)
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol 2015-9-16 (attractions2)
Huaihai Road 2015-8-19 (attractions2)
Natural Wild Insect Museum 2015-6-8 (sights2)
Riverside Forest Park 2015-5-26 (sights2)
Shanghai Art Museum 2015-5-18 (sights2)
Jiangnan Sanmin Culture Village 2015-5-6 (sights2)
Expo Memorial Exhibition 2015-3-23 (sights2)
Jewish Refugees Museum 2015-3-11 (sights2)
Suzhou River 2015-3-4 (sights2)
Hengshan Road 2015-2-28 (sights2)
Changfeng Park 2015-2-22 (sights2)
People's Square 2015-1-29 (sights2)
Xintiandi 2015-1-19 (sights2)
Century Park 2015-1-9 (sights2)
Binhai Forest Park 2014-12-29 (sights2)
Gulf National Forest Park 2014-12-2 (sights2)
Shanghai Botanical Garden 2014-11-7 (sights2)
China Nautical Museum 2014-10-20 (sights2)
Xinchang Ancient Town 2014-10-10 (sights2)
Circus City 2014-9-24 (sights2)
Qibao Ancient Town 2014-9-17 (sights2)
Shanghai Expo Park 2014-9-10 (sights2)
Maya Beach Water Park 2014-8-28 (sights2)
Jinshan City Beach 2014-8-21 (sights2)
Shenlong Ecological Park 2014-8-14 (sights2)
Yuyuan Garden 2014-8-3 (sights2)
Grand View Garden 2014-7-24 (sights2)
The Bund 2014-7-17 (sights2)
Jingan Temple 2014-7-7 (sights2)
Guyi Garden 2014-7-2 (sights2)
Urban Vegetable Garden 2014-6-23 (sights2)
Donglin Temple 2014-6-6 (sights2)
Zoo 2014-6-1 (sights2)
Gongqing Forest Park 2014-5-26 (sights2)
Shanghai Museum 2014-5-16 (sights2)
Sheshan Mountain 2014-5-9 (sights2)
Oriental Land 2014-4-30 (sights2)
Chongming Island 2014-4-22 (sights2)
Fengjing Ancient Town 2014-4-17 (sights2)
Library 2014-3-31(sights2)
Jinjiang Amusement Park 2014-3-31(sights2)
Film Park 2014-3-27(sights2)
Wildlife Park Changfeng Ocean World Happy Valley Science and Technology Museum Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Oriental Pearl 2014-3-14(sights2)

Shanghai region, spring is Wu. Sengoku has is more, Chu. Qin and Han dynasties belong salt from boxing, Lou county Morogata. Tang Tianbao decade (751), Wujuntaishou Sonata quasi establish Huating County, Shanghai area began relatively independent administrative divisions. South Huating County jurisdiction throughout the region about this Shanghai Wusong River Oxbow, chuansha - Hui South - large corporations west line areas. Northern Song Dynasty, Shanghai Huating County mainland belong and Kunshan County, Chongming district is Haimen County. Jiading ninth decade December Song (January 7, 1218) Li Jiading County, Shanghai, beginning with two separate administrative divisions. Yuan Yuan fourteen years (1277), Huating County liter house, the following year renamed Songjiang Prefecture, is still home Huating County scribe. Twenty-nine Shanghai Yuan County, also exempted in Songjiang Prefecture. The late Yuan Dynasty, Shanghai and Jiading, Songjiang Prefecture region, Chongming two states and two counties Huating, Shanghai. To the Ming Dynasty, there Songjiang Prefecture and belongs Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu three counties, Suzhou government belongs Jiading, Chongming County 2, Jinshan. Qing Emperor Yongzheng four years (1726), there Songjiang Prefecture Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu, Lou, Fengxian, Fuquan, Jinshan, Nanhui eight counties, Taicang Jiading, Baoshan two counties. To Jiaqing years (1805), in Shanghai basically formed a pattern of 10 county hall, there Songjiang Prefecture Huating, Shanghai, Qingpu, Lou, Fengxian, Jinshan, Nanhui seven counties and chuansha Fumin Hall, Taicang Jiading, Chongming, Baoshan three counties.

New Theory decade (1077), has set up Shanghai's traffic. Shanghai Li Yuan County, an area of ??about 2000 square kilometers, the county about this Wusongjiang oxbow in south downtown, Qingpu County, most, most Minhang, Pudong New Area and Nanhui County most. To fifteen years Jiaqing (1810) reduced deposit 600 square kilometers, the county about this Wusongjiang oxbow in south downtown, most of Pudong New Area, Minhang most. The county is now Nanshiqu Renmin Road, Zhonghua Road loop area. Dynasty

Songjiang Prefecture whole territory diagram (Jiaqing) (3) 23 years (1843) Opening of Shanghai, Shanghai dynasty, twenty-five years Pidgin north county area designated as foreigners residence, after the formation of the British concession. Twenty-eight dynasty Hongkou area designated as America Concession. Shanghai dynasty, twenty-nine years in north county, south of the British concession area of ??the French Concession. Tongzhi year (1863), the British and American settlements merged into Anglo-American International Settlement, Guangxu 25 years (1899) and renamed the Shanghai International Settlement. Since then, several settlements expand. July 30, 1943 and August 1, puppet government declared that "recovery" of the International Settlement and French Concession. November 24, 1945, the Foreign Ministry announced that the National Government receives Shanghai International Settlement, the French Concession, which lasted for centuries Shanghai concession ends.


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